Collaboration economy. What do you know about it?

Collaboration economy. This term is new, but i heard it before in a Ted talk and even in my Gamification course at which i was asked to design a game-based context to encourage people to participate in a site called ShareAll.

In a flat world, old concept of consuming economy could be wiped out and replaced by a shared business at which everyone could be an entrepreneurs. You might not utilize your new-bought car fully, so why not sharing with your neighborhoods and make some profit on it. If you leave your commodity as the way it is and adore a sense of ownership, your commodity will decrease its value time over time. While sharing with others, you could make some cash, but more than that stay connect in and enjoy the happiness of sharing. One of my peer had an idea of sharing a cup of coffee or home-baked cake with your neighbor even enriches your relationship and make you feel closer to others. What a great idea! Although with the booming of social network and mobile device connection, human still need face-to-face interaction.

I believe that understanding new trends and business concept is one way to know more about what is happening in the market.


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