Think in new boxes

In a digital age, everything can be searched through the Internet. Have you ever driven yourself crazy because you could not find a perfect place to eat at weekend? After a long week, you want to have a break from work, simply hanging around with friends at a cool and relaxing place. It could be a nicely-decorated coffee shop, or a place with good food or dessert.

As a user, what kind of information will you need? Location, price, customers review, and promotion. Perhaps, it is the old trend now. might be a new solution to an old problem of search location. However, they tackle the problem in a new perspective which offer users more utility and goody. As an early adopter, will you switch from a big guy like to The switching cost is rather low for consumers. You just try a new mobile application for searching. If you don’t like, you can switch back. It does not cost you a penny. Yet, it costs a fortune to Foody or Tomago.

What is so interesting about Tomago?

For customers, it is easy to obtain shop’s Wifi password by tap and paste. Don’t need to go around and asking staffs for a password. Is it nice to have your need solved in a smart way? Then, you can check out the menu, price, and imaging of the shop which is near you. It is more convenient for users to have a glance at the shop first. What if you have a small pocket? Of course, it is not a good choice to go to a luxury or high-class restaurants with a limited budget. Lastly, it provides a convenient way to keep track with loyalty program. Tik is a function for storing your bill.

For shop owners, events announcement gives shop owners a place for you to posting event news. Ordering through mobile application is a way to lower bureaucracy procedure. Quick deal perhaps is a special promotion offering by restaurants.

Is there any risks to invest in this project?


A journey to the park

80247992.jpg Athletics

Normally, people do their morning exercise by walking or jogging in the park. At the place I live, to get to the park is one main problem.

Getting out of my house, and go toward the nearby park could take couple of minutes. Yet, the journey seems longer and not enjoyable if the final destination is the park. I have to do both, looking ahead to steer for direction and looking down to stay away from pot holes or dog shit, or even garbage. Next, crossing the street in the morning, when sky is still dark and foggy, trucks, big cards and motorbikes are as big as monsters. They will get you when you least expect. Therefore, the act of crossing the street may sound simple, yet it hinders danger. Who knows the next truck coming will run over me because of the sleepy driver? Or I am frighten because of the loud horn from an impatient car driver, and I feel lost in a second. Just in that moment, I am not aware of a coming bike, and bang I am down on the street, motionless.

Even if I cross the street safely, i still have a long way to go. Passing by a restaurant of traditional Chinese breakfast is a temptation. The delicious aroma is as strong as an invisible string which tight my foot together. Then, in a moment, i find myself sitting nicely at a table and start my order.

If I can resist all the temptation of good food, I still feel lonely when walking around alone in the park. The only amusement thing I could do is playing a game with myself, counting how many women or men I walk pass. What do they wearing? Are they stylish? Are they rich? Searching around for a pretty guy who is also alone as I am. Or simply, enjoy the fresh air, appreciate the greenness of nature, or looking up on the blue, big sky.

I have no clue how long I haven’t been to the park for a walk. Laziness, loneliness and a lack of motivation tight me down at home. I satisfy with my Yoga practice every morning at home. It is simple. Just warm myself up, lie down on a mattress, move my legs and arms slowly and start breathing.

Every details count


How can you define an excellent customer service? For me, every small details about your customer should be taken into consideration.

Have you ever eaten sushi? A sushi chef makes recommendation based on customer’s choice. He delight his customers with high-quality fish and other ingredients. He performs an art with knife and rice in front of his clients. Then, he offers sushi with different taste to surprise the dinner. Lastly, even a cup of tea is also important. A strong or light tea will affect directly with a taste of someone. A tea which is too strong can take away the taste and spoil the taste of the next dish.

Overall, the sight, the smell, the sound and the taste of a customer from the beginning to the end of a sushi night create an excellent customer service. All five senses of customers are used at the same time. You feel delight because of the skill and the art of a sushi Chef. Besides, your special need of taste is successfully met.

Nowadays, due to wide access to Internet, more and more information of customers can be easily collected, yet it needs more advanced technology to analyze. Do you think that meeting massive customer’s need will decrease the value of your service? For example, how could a sushi Chef satisfy different food choice of all customers? Only a massive-produced sushi can meet this kind of need, yet it somehow make the art of sushi lost in the world of mass production.

What do you think?

What should be a suitable title for this article?

In technology age, when social media is booming, recruiters and your friends can find your professional profile in an instant. Everyone has an account on LinkedIn, Facebook or any social network. How could others see you in the crowd?

Thinking as a marketer, you should define your target audience. In this case, who do you wish to influence or impress with your profile? What can you offer them as a service? In this realistic world, everyone talks about products and services. To me, I am a product also as I am branding myself.

Besides, what is your expertise? What can you contribute to a company? Actually, when rephrasing all these questions in customer’s perspective, everything makes sense. Consumers are searching for utility and extra services. Why do they have to buy from you, but not others?

My job searching journey is boring and hopeless. How to get out of this desperately hopeless situation? I challenge myself with a new thinking, and the journey sound more exciting than before. Imagine that I am an entrepreneur who is selling myself to others is better than view myself as a job beggar.

How do you light up your dark time?

Travel to Korea…

What would you expect when traveling? I love to explore things and enjoy my time there. I love eating and checking out beautiful scenery.

Actually, I don’t have either a budget for traveling or an adventurous spirit. Lately, I have watched a Korean movie named “Lie to me”, so I imagine myself taking a vacation there while enjoying the movie. There are something interesting about this Kimchi country.

1) The bow. This is how Korean people do their greeting. I learn that it shows respect and social rank. Even senior managers bow to their younger CEO. I love this culture. Back in my country, I don’t even remember how we greet others when we meet. As a child in elementary school, it is considered awkward to greet friends, teachers, elderly properly. Thus, I feel that the greeting culture somehow was lost, and now we adopt Western style in greeting by shaking hands or simply saying hello. I miss the old greeting way as it defines who we are and represents our Oriental culture.

2) The Soju – a typical Korean wine. Although it is a liquid, it connects people. In my country, people will go to a local restaurant to have beers with friends after work. Beers are popular liquid. Actually, you can find beers in every country. My folk don’t have a traditional drink, yet the Korean and Japanese people do. How strange is it? We do have a specific liquor called “Ruou Nep” which is made from fermented rice. However, only folks in the country side enjoy it, but not those who live in suburban. That’s pretty sad.

3) The patriotism – a love for your country. A female main character in the movie could describe the Cheju island in just one sentence “The island is like a mother”. When you proud of your country and love it, you can do that. I’m not sure how to describe the city which i live in, Ho Chi Minh City. How would you describe your special tourist attraction? Here in my country, we do have some tourist place listed in the World Wonders, yet I’m not really know it. The scene is marvelous, but the tourism quality is not good. It seems that the meaning of those places is still hidden. I believe that when you come to a special place, it is the scenery and the people make you stay. Is there any place that touches you like that?











I’m not the KING

For a business, customers are the key for their sustainable business. Everyone knows that customers are king. The truth is opposite, maybe.

I often shop at L supermarket because it is near my home. Looking back a year ago, I had plenty of joyful experience when doing my shopping there. Going to the market on the second floor for food and vegetables, and I could stop at some fashion shops on the ground floor when I was on the way down to the basement for getting my bike. Ever since they changed the layout last year, it is not the same any more. Things goes crazy. It is inconvenient to find a cashier and have your goods paid.

On top of that, there is the unspeakable message, but customers could feel it. You feel like a prisoner when shop there. Sometimes, you might have an uncomfortable feeling because of eyes watching on every moments of yours. Especially, the employees make you feel like you are an in-welcomed guess in their store. You are not trusted. For example, you have to leave your cart outside of the bakery store when you go in. When you are out with a basket of bread, security guard would have a check on the bill and tight a knot in the bag. There is no easy and comfortable shopping any longer. Their actions send you – their loyal or pass-by customers – a message “We don’t trust you”. It is an awkward feeling to have as a customer. How strange is it? No wonder, there is fewer and fewer customers going there for shopping. A wrong decision or policy could destroy a great empire.

It is really a heart-breaking feeling

Fail AGAIN? I often tell myself that I have to be strong and persistent to get up after any failure. However, it is sometimes too much to take in. Perhaps, i failed again in my interview, and it means no job. It hurts, yet life has to move on. Learn from my own mistakes, admit my short-coming, and back again. I cannot lie on the ground moaning as I surely know that I AM the one who could save me out of this mess.

Being unclear about myself future is dangerous as I don’t know what you want to be, but my ego is too big to work under the command of others. Jumping around like a hungry rabbit but feel lost inside. It is, however, not the end of the world as long as I recognize my weakness and learn from my mistakes, which are valuable lessons in disguise. In the hard time, it is impossible to get your mind clear and be more persist. I’m an unusual optimistic person, so it is something that cannot be taken. It remains eternity.



What would you do if you made a wrong decision and had to pay for the consequence?

Second chances.

Everyone can make mistake, even the terrible mistake that could make you end up in jail. Despite of failing something, it does not mean that you are a total loser and have no value. I believe that everyone has their own potential.

Failure is a lesson in disguise. Why not taking time to listen to your own inner wisdom and make better decision later in life? As long as we breathe, we still have a chance to make it right. A courage person will stand up again after a hard fall. I always keep a positive attitude as I know it makes me look ahead instead of looking backward with a heart full of regret.

I was really surprised and inspired by the act of Mr Richard Branson in the talk about second chances.

Will your company culture help you win your game and retain the stars?

Previously, i recognize the importance of company culture as it makes people proud of what they are doing and acts as a special glue to connect those strangers with the same vision to achieve something great. Is it a comfortable working environment and a friendly and dynamic working environment that nurtures those people? None. It is the art of leading that make you move ahead of the pack. It makes workplace an addictive place to be as you love to be lead and grow with a true leader, but not a jerk sitting in a manager office.

Collaboration economy. What do you know about it?

Collaboration economy. This term is new, but i heard it before in a Ted talk and even in my Gamification course at which i was asked to design a game-based context to encourage people to participate in a site called ShareAll.

In a flat world, old concept of consuming economy could be wiped out and replaced by a shared business at which everyone could be an entrepreneurs. You might not utilize your new-bought car fully, so why not sharing with your neighborhoods and make some profit on it. If you leave your commodity as the way it is and adore a sense of ownership, your commodity will decrease its value time over time. While sharing with others, you could make some cash, but more than that stay connect in and enjoy the happiness of sharing. One of my peer had an idea of sharing a cup of coffee or home-baked cake with your neighbor even enriches your relationship and make you feel closer to others. What a great idea! Although with the booming of social network and mobile device connection, human still need face-to-face interaction.

I believe that understanding new trends and business concept is one way to know more about what is happening in the market.